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Salt Lake City, Utah


MIG Investment Group

An investment Group for Real Estate and Offshore Money Mangement. MIG Investment Group offering fundamental investment strategies. MIG combines the investment team's operational and investment experience to identify long-term investment opportunities in an ever-changing world.


Kelly Maxwell


Brad Dillard


Our customer reviews

Throughout this process I experienced nothing but professionalism and patience. Kelly and Brad walked me through the entire process with real Dilligence and Care. Very grateful for the help

George Lee

Business Owner

MIG Helped walk me through what would have been a very scary process. Its comforting to know I have a good team on my side.

Anna Farrell

Business Owner

If it wasn’t for MIG I don’t know which route my investments would be going. I have worked with other firms and they don’t offer the same thoughtful guidence that I experienced with MIG.

Linda Moore

Business Owner
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are groups of companies that are involved in important planning and likely business. For example, analysts decide whether a company will acquire new assets, launch new lines of business.
The profession of a business analyst is to analyze the client’s business: find weaknesses and think about how to make them strong. Specialist develops a concept of a solution to improve business.
This is a complete accounting service for the company by a third party. When choosing this type, the organization may well do without full-time accounting, as well as reduce the cost of wages and taxes.
In the case of transferring accounting to outsourcing, the company is protected by the provisions of the contract, according to which the outsourcer is liable for causing harm in the provision of services.
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